Moving House Soon? This moving day checklist will help

Moving house can be an incredibly stressful event, especially if there are kids involved or if your house is particularly large. Even once all the packing is done and your belongings are ready to go in the moving truck, there is still the last arduous task of cleaning. There are a few things you can prepare before moving day so that the cleaning is as simple and time efficient as possible.

10 Tips for Moving Interstate

Picture this: you’ve just been offered the job promotion of your dreams. This new job is everything you’ve ever wanted and more – better pay, an office to yourself, your very own team to manage, and a savvy job title that gives you an extra skip in your step – you can hardly wait to begin! Only, there’s a catch. Suddenly, the dream promotion is seeming like a nightmare notion. Before you can enjoy any of these new job perks, you’re going to have to figure out how you’re going to embark on your interstate relocation, and in the short time frame in which you need to do so.

Regardless of how promising your future endeavors might be, the concept of moving interstate can be a daunting one. Sure, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow might come in the form of an exciting new career, or the chance to finally be with your long-distance better half, or you’re just a restless soul who enjoys a change of scenery – whatever your motive for relocating, it’s a big life change to make. The following 10 tips should kick-start your interstate relocation process and guide your pre-move planning in the right direction.